Dr. Richard Barth

My goal is to help you sleep and feel better soon. 

If you suffer from insomnia, and would like to stop your use of sleeping pills, I can help you find effective, drug-free relief.

Treatment for insomnia can help improve your mood, your quality of life, and your sense of well-being. I use CBT-I, the "gold standard" for insomnia treatment, to insure that you get the best care available. Most of my patients see significant improvements in their sleep quality within four to five sessions of beginning treatment.

From my over twenty years of experience as a psychologist, I understand that treatment is a challenging, exciting, and rewarding process that requires compassion, patience, trust, flexibility and a sense of humor.  I'll be your coach, teacher, therapist, and collaborator, and will provide you with the support you need throughout the treatment process.

In addition to my work with insomnia, I have extensive training and experience treating anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. 

Office Address: 
5655 College Avenue

Suite 315 C
Oakland, California  94618

Phone:  510.332.1572

California License:

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